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My name is Wanita. I love Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock and basically all of the best TV shows. I hope you enjoy my blog :)

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me at my high school reunion

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Once Upon A Time | Frozen

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"You want to do this." - 98% Evil 

"You know you will." - 2% Good

Ellen DeGeneres at Tulane’s 2009 Commencement Speech.

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Reblog if you’d care if I killed myself tonight

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It really does get better, you really do get happier. One day you can throw these thoughts out of your head with a smile and never look back. Mental illness, eating disorders, and self harm may seem like a life long battle that you’re destined to lose but you can face these things. You deserve to smile, laugh, dance, sing, play, and love life. You deserve to feel happy. You deserve recovery. You may struggle with mental illness or an eating disorder but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence, or suffer your whole life. You can battle these problems with friends and family, you can over come this with the help of other people.
You deserve for things to get better, and if you try to make things better, they will get better. I promise.


OITNB doesn’t have the “previously on…” because they know you watched the whole season in one day

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playlist for the day

  1. i don’t care - apocalyptica
  2. really don’t care - demi lovato
  3. i don’t care - fall out boy
  4. i love it (i don’t care) - icona pop
  5. i don’t care - 2ne1
  6. i don’t care about you - cody johnson
  7. we don’t care - kanye west
  8. i don’t care anymore - phil collins

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There’s this asshole who every time he sees me with my ukulele he thinks he’s funny and asks “Can you play any Metallica?” but the joke is now on him because I just learned how to play the intro riff to Master of Puppets.

I did it. I fucking did it. He asked me again just like I knew he would and I stared him straight in the eyes without blinking and just fucking shredded on my ukulele


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Anonymous asked: Can a soon to be 16 year old and a 20 year old work out?




I work out with my dad all the time and he’s 60




In the books, Hermione’s boggart is failing her classes. Her greatest fear is failing her classes.
However, it goes a lot deeper than that. Subconsciously, I think she believes that if she does not do well and if she fails, they’ll kick her out of Hogwarts and the Wizarding World. So her real fear isn’t failing.
At Hogwarts, she has two wonderful friends who love her, and she is getting to live in an incredible world. She doesn’t want to lose that, and she thinks that if she does bad in her classes, they won’t let her come back.
Her real fear is rejection and loss.

so what if…
when in the philosophers stone her line “we could be killed, or worse.. expelled” wasn’t her being snooty or a teachers pet..
but her saying that she would rather die than stop going to hogwarts and never see her friends again?





i did this poster series for a class project on the right to work. it’s not actually affiliated with the department of labor. 

Too bad this isn’t real because these issues happen FAR too often. 

Please make this real.

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i honestly feel 100% better after watching this

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The Atlantic Ocean Road in Møre og Romsdal, Norway (by Tanisha Systems).

another thing for the bucket list…